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The Bleeding Edge

From Academy Award nominated filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, 

THE BLEEDING EDGE is a new documentary that asks:

What life saving medical devices may actually be harming us?

Patient advocates, support groups, medical providers and schools are now invited to host free screenings of the film on their campuses and in their communities, 

where screenings can serve as forums for crucial education and discussion on patient safety.

Visit to learn more and request your own screening of the film. 

Or contact THE BLEEDING EDGE screenings team at at or (646) 688-4488.

The Bleeding Edge discusses the lax medical device approval process of the FDA.
We are fighting to make changes for better regulations. 
One important step is passing The Medical Device Safety Act.
The purpose of this bill is to restore a patient’s right to litigation should he/she be harmed by a Class III medical device. Even decades after the FDA’s pre market approval of a Class III device, if it is proven to be ineffective or proven to cause harm, individuals still cannot hold the manufacturer liable for injury, 
even in the case of a recall.

We have created this petition to Congress for everyone to fill out! 
This will automatically email ALL of your reps asking for their support of 
 The Medical Device Safety Act for FREE!
EVERYONE PLEASE go to this link and fill out a request to send this letter to your reps! 
It is quick, simple and free!!!! 
You can CHOOSE to pay $3 to have a hand written letter delivered if you wish, but not necessary!!! 

Thank you!! Please SIGN!!!!