Advocating Safety in Healthcare, E-Sisters

Advocating Safety in Healthcare E-Sisters (ASHES) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization which educates women and men about the dangers of medical devices and fights for better device regulations and post market surveillance through political advocacy.

In 2018, ASHES was instrumental in pressuring the FDA to place new restrictions on the device Essure, as well as the manufacturer Bayer's decision to take Essure off the market in the United States.


Medical Device Safety Act:
Our current focus is The Medical Device Safety Act of 2017, a bill currently in Congress, which if passed, will restore a patient's right to litigation if harmed by a Class III medical device. ASHES members will also be working with other advocacy groups to get a bill introduced in Congress which will revise the 510(k) process of medical device approval.

ASHES also raises awareness about the pitfalls of our FDA medical device approval processes and post market surveillance, and to help bring about much needed changes to these practices. Our organization was instrumental in getting three bills introduced in Congress regarding Essure and other medical devices covered by premarket approval, as well as overall Medical Device Safety.

Sign our petition in support of the Medical Device Safety Act.

Medical Device Problems:
ASHES recently launched Medical Device Problems, a new program to support people considering or affected by a medical device.

Medical Device Problems informs people about the importance of researching—as well as teaches them to research—any medical device recommended by their physician. We also provide instruction on how to advocate on behalf of those harmed by these devices, and present opportunities to unite with other patient activists and support networks.

Visit our new website to learn more. If you need further assistance, we are always happy to help answer your questions. We can be reached by email at

Essure Problems:
While our work spans all devices, we also help administer Essure Problems, a growing Facebook group with over 40,000 members, mostly consisting of women harmed by Essure. For seven years, we have educated women concerning the potential risks associated with this device, helping injured women find competent doctors and sharing detailed and updated information about proper Essure removal. Through this group, we provide emotional support to people who are suffering greatly, even talking women down from suicidal ideations.