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501c3 Charitable donations to ASHES can be made by clicking the button below. 

ASHES relies solely on donations to fund advocacy trips, rallies, events, lobbying efforts, and build platforms to engage with other patients.

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Your donations help us:

Lobby for The Medical Device Safety Act, and other important bills in Congress
Fight for changes to the FDA's outdated and corrupt system of device approval
Spread awareness online through patient engagement events
Fund supplies for rallies, protests, or events
Provide emotional support and education to women harmed by Essure and others harmed by medical devices
Develop educational resources to guide patients in choosing doctors and evaluating the safety of medical devices
Cover operating costs

In 2018, ASHES was instrumental in pressuring the FDA to place new restrictions on the device Essure, as well as Bayer's decision to take Essure off the market in the United States, the final market where Essure remained.

Your donations help outcomes like these, which help hundreds of thousands of people each year.
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